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    Flood Watch:

    It's so weird how things happen sometimes...I am having my hardwood floors refinished at my house which is very exciting. We recently decided that we had to have the ceilings done because they were all peeling and then we thought maybe we should paint the walls too and then it became obvious that while we had already cleared all the furniture we should just go ahead and do the floors too. Awesome.

    So while they do the floors and then they dry we had to be out of the house for the week. We went to stay for the week at the Marriott in Warwick near the airport, glamorous -no, functional -yes! Meanwhile the rain continued all day yesterday and things were flooding like crazy.

    We looked out the hotel window last night and realized that they had closed the road to the airport and route 95! it was so quiet! and actually really creepy. My husband referenced the book The World Without Us and some Armageddon type things, not comforting.

    When we woke up this morning we realized that 95 was still closed going both ways and that all of the traffic traveling south was being diverted right through where we were staying and that it was going to take forever to get up to Providence and that getting back to the hotel in the evening was going to be near impossible...turns out that we were basically staying in the hardest hit area, so now we are booked at the Hampton Inn far from the major flooding! But I know that there are so many people who have had to evacuate their homes and have lost so much, so I feel very fortunate that I only had this crazy story to tell...

    This is the view from the parking lot right outside our room, well maybe it is a little glamorous...This is what they call the airport connector, this road goes to and from the airport and exits off route 95! You can see a little bit of the guard rail sticking out, this is on the side of the road, there is another set of guard rails in the center of the road too and they are completely under water! I wonder how long this will take to drain out???

    A reporter said on the news last night "history is happening now" which I thought was hysterical and I will say it as much as possible from now on. But it inspired me to make this little vintage panorama to depict the 'history' of the flood of 2010, worse than any other flood in over 100 years, maybe more.

    This is another view from the other side of the hotel that shows route 95 totally under water as well. Both north and south lanes travel under the little bridge shown here. In front of the geese is an on ramp and beyond them in the 95 south lanes, then you see the jersey barrier and the north lanes are under the sign. Nuts!!!

    (BTW photos are from my point and shoot camera, and this is exactly the reason I always have a little camera in my purse, you never know! now I don't have to wish I got a shot of the highway that time it was flooded and I was there to see it...)
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sania mirza in shoib malik

    sania mirza in shoib malik
    sania mirza in shoib malik
    sania mirza in shoib malik
    sania mirza
    sania mirza in shoib malik
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It's raining...Babies!

    Well, to complete my baby trifecta, I headed into the hospital again this past Saturday to photograph the new and fabulous Rachael Emma!!! Isn't she perfect?! She's going to have to get used to her auntie Trish snapping a lot.
    I love her expression in this photo below, it's actually amazing how many different expressions a new baby makes. Thank goodness because they don't really have much of a variety in posing.

    Did I mention that she is the cousin of Carter who debut on the blog last week?!

    The nurse came in to tend to mom and we took the baby with us to the hallway...she looks kind of lonely here, but rest assured she has a huge family to love her!

    This pose is classic.

    I think this might be my favorite.

    Someday she will laugh about this 'old timey' iPhone.

    She has fabulous hair too!

    She's looking like the other cousins here...strong genes!

    Uncle Stephen comforting his new niece...since he's been a Dad for a week now he's a pro!

    The whole package, so sweet!
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Mondays with Mariah

    I thought I'd post today about two of my favorite things...
    I am absolutely obsessed with this book, Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Marquez is a Colombian author. He won the Nobel prize for literature in 1982. This book takes place in Coastal Columbia during the last century. It follows the life of Fermina Daza and the two men who love her. I am currently reading this book for the fourth time in a row. I am not in the habit of re-reading a book as soon as I finish it, but this time I feel compelled to read it again (and again and again.) It is extremely hard to describe the spell created by this book and the best way to describe it is to call it magical. Actually, Marquez's style of writing is called magical realism and he blends perfectly the every day occurrences of life with spiritual, mystical, and magical happenings that most people fail to notice. He has an unbelievable grasp on the emotions of love and this the best unconventional love story I have ever read. Something about this story really resonates with me, I haven't quite figured out what it is exactly yet, I guess that's why I keep reading it. It just seems like there's a lot of wisdom packed into it's 348 pages.

    Another one of my favorite authors is the children's author Roald Dahl. My kids are insane for his stories such as: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Matilda, and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I also love the director Wes Anderson who's movies are on my top 10 list... The Royal Tenebaums, Life Aquatic, Rushmore, and the Darjeeling Limited. So, imagine my happiness when Wes Anderson adapted the story of the Fantastic Mr. Fox! Basically Dahl's short story has become the second act of the film and the first act and third act are all Anderson.
    I bought this movie for Vianne's birthday and we watched it last night. It is an absolute work of art. The characters are rich and flawed and lovable. The music is amazing and the sets are unbelievable. I am sure I'll have to watch this movie over and over to really appreciate the genius and the pain staking attention to detail that is required of stop animation films. Throw in George Clooney (my Hollywood boyfriend) as Mr Fox and it's a home run.
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hakan sukur images

    Yeşil sahalara veda ettikken sonra futbol yorumculuğuna soyunan Hakan Şükür, yeni hedeflerini anlattı.
    Yeşil sahalara veda ettikken sonra futbol yorumculuğuna soyunan Hakan Şükür, yeni hedeflerini anlattı. Efsanevi isim, ‘Spor Bakanı’ ya da ‘Futbol Federasyonu Başkanı’ olmak için çalışacağını söyledi

    Eski milli futbolcu yeni televizyon yorumcusu Hakan Şükür, TRT Dergisi’ne konuştu. Pazar geceleri ‘Stadyum’ programında yorumlar yapan Hakan, futbol hayatını ve gelecek planlarını anlattı:

    2 YIL DAHA OYNARDIM Şimdi oynayanları görünce, kendime değer biçiyorum. Antrenman ve maç performansım iyiydi. Bu dönemde bırakmak çok hoş olmadı. Ama şartlar öyle gerektirdi. En az 2 yıl daha oynardım. Yurtdışına da gidebilirdim ama düzenimi bozmak istemedim. Çocukların okulu vardı ve burada kalıp bu hayatı yaşamayı tercih ettim.

    HAYALİM SPOR OKULU Gelecek için farklı projelerim var. Ama bazı kesimler, bunları dillendirdiğiniz anda önüne geçmek için müthiş bir çaba sarf ediyor. Bunlar ne olabilir? Sporun içinden geldiğim için bir Spor Bakanlığı, Federasyon Başkanlığı olabilir. Türkiye’de nelerin eksik olduğuna dair birçok notum var. Ayrıca, spor okulu projem var. Kriz sonrası ciddi adımlar atacağız.

    SALAKÇA BİR TRANSFERDİ Adnan Polat, o dönem Torino’yla özel bir anlaşma yapmış. ‘Aman kimse ezilmesin, Adnan abimiz zor durumda kalmasın’ diye gitmeyi kabul ettim. Manyakça, salakça bir transferdi. Avrupa’nın çeşitli devleri isterken niye Torino’ya gideyim ki? Benim inisiyatifimin dışında oldu işte.

    MADDİ KAYBIM ÇOK Bazı işadamları futbolcuları taze para gibi görüyor. Futbolcuların da ticari donamımı pek yok. İnsanlar size yakın davranıp bazı şeyleri çabucak anlatıyorlar. En son Antalya’da yaşadığım olay var. Mahkemeyi kazandık ama ben kazanılıp kazanılmamasında değilim. Dostluklar kayboluyor, buna üzülüyorum. Borsada da, Polonya’da da ekonomik kayıplarım var.

    ÇOK ‘ŞÜKÜR’ İYİYİM Türk futbolcularıyla kıyaslanırsam evet çok şükür durumum iyi. Ancak yabancılarla kıyaslanırsam zengin değilim. Türk futbolcusu Türkiye’deki ikinci sınıf yabancıların yanında az kazanıyor. Yabancılar bizim 20 yılda kazandığımızı, buraya gelip birkaç yılda kazanıp gidiyor, hatta giderken de tazminatını alıyor. Geçen yıllarda birçok Galatasaraylı futbolcu, paralarını alamadıkları için serbest kalma hakkına sahipken, kaptanları olarak bunu engelledim. Ribery gibi ayrılsak vatan haini olurduk.

    Herkesin dini kendine dedim, İtalya karıştı

    TORINO transferi öncesi röportaj yapıtlar. “Orada dinin sorun olmayacak mı?” sorusuna “Niye sorun olsun ki! Herkes dinini yaşar. Gücüm olsa herkesin benim dinimi yaşamasını isterim!” diye cevap verdim. Ertesi gün “Bütün İtalya’yı Müslüman yapmaya gidiyor” diye manşet attılar. İtalya’daki ilk maçıma çıktım, Türkçe ‘Dinini kendine sakla, futbolunu bizim için oyna’ pankartını gördüm. Bütün kiliseler toplanmış, başkana baskı yapıyor, “Bu oyuncuyu niye aldın?” diyor. Başkanla toplantı yaptık, “Sorumluluğun daha da arttı, bunları unut” dedi ama iş futboldan çıktı. Futbolcuların size yan gözle baktığı bir ortamda, bireysel olarak ne yapabilirsiniz ki? hakan sukur
    hakan sukur
    hakan sukur
    hakan sukur
    hakan sukur
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Inspiration from Kate + Peter

    Melissa shot Kate and Peter's wedding last Fall and got all of these great shots, another surprisingly beautiful day among so many rainy ones last season!
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david beckham pictures

Inspiration from Eileen + Doug

    Mariah and Sarah had the pleasure of photographing Eileen and Doug last Fall. She had such a beautiful dress!!! And although the whole wedding was fabulous, let us not forget the two best things at the wedding...chubby baby legs and their adorable pup!
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Beautiful Block Island

    Posted by Mariah:
    What a gorgeous weekend we had.... and such a teaser considering the cold and rainy week to follow. I am grateful that I trekked out to Block Island on Saturday and enjoyed the warm weather and gorgeous scenery. BI is such a different place in the off season...
    A favorite spot along Corn Neck Rd.

    Found this "infinity pool" while hiking along the Clay Head Trail.

    This is the beach that I normally take my kids to for digging clams, it's called Andy's Way.

    Don't mind if I do...

    Totally rad house.

    Bye Bye BI... till next time!
    P.S. This was the view from the spot where Don and I got married last summer.

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Inspiration from BethAnn + Mark

    Mariah and Melissa shot the wedding of BethAnn and Mark last summer. Despite the rainy weather they had a fabulous wedding and some beautiful details!
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improve golf swing pictures

Family Portrait Session

    Posted by Trish:

    It's always fun to see clients again after many years have gone by and now they 'are in the family way' as it were. I photographed Collette's wedding way back in 2001 I believe. Fast forward 9 years and now she lives down the street from me and has two fabulous and beautiful little girls.
    It was a bit tricky but I think I managed to get a few good shots. I have no idea how you would get two little ones to pose together in a photo. I guess in a studio environment it's a little easier. But since we shoot childrens portraits 'in their natural habitat' it has it's challenges. Mainly that one year olds are not known for their ability or interest in doing what you want them to.
    Oh, I almost forgot to mention another important member of the family...Shy the dog. She was so cute and nervous.

    This may be the cutest photo ever, I can't stop looking at it! The paws are so hilarious!

    Here's Cecelia reading a book and doing fabulous woof sounds.

    I think I had my camera set to 1/60 of a second, which is good because if it was nay slower I would have missed this moment. Not that she wasn't smiling a lot, but she's a fast mover!

    Natalie loves looking at her older sister and checking out everything she's doing. Older sister...not so interested in what baby is doing.

    So cute!

    I know that Collette was hoping to get a shot of the two girls together, probably in a more traditional way. But I LOVE this shot.

    And this is the shot that tells the real story of mom wrangling two babies at the same time that need two different things. Whew.

    Since things were unraveling earlier at the house I suggested that I come back in a few hours and try for some more shots when Dad was home. So I met them at a little park not far from their house. One the go as usual, I think mom and dad see this side of her a lot.

    The family unit. It's kind of nice how the kids are looking in the same direction. This photo feels kind of calm, although I don't think it felt that way for them...

    Seriously, how cute is this baby?! She is holding her head up now, at 3 months. But you could tell it got a bit heavy for her after a few moments.

    Their loyal pup looking on to see what they were doing...

    What?! Everyone looking at the camera! Done.

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