Alien Pernah Mengunjungi Bumi (Kesaksian Mantan Astronot)

    Alien Pernah Mengunjungi Bumi (Kesaksian Mantan Astronot)

    Edgar D. Mitchell, anggota kru Apollo ke-14 AS, yang juga merupakan astronaut ke-6 mendarat di bulan, pada 22 Juli 1971, sewaktu menerima wawancara radio menyatakan secara terbuka, bahwa Alien sudah pernah berkali-kali kontak dengan umat manusia, tetapi pemerintah AS menyembunyikan realita ini selama 60 tahun.
    Dr. Mitchell anggota Apollo 14
    Mitchell yang tahun ini berusia 77 tahun mengatakan, di dalam pengalaman hidupnya sebagai astronaut, ia mengetahui catatan bahwa UFO pernah berulang kali mengunjungi bumi, namun setiap kali selalu saja ditutup-tutupi oleh NASA.
    Mitchell berkata, sumber informasi NASA yang pernah kontak dengan Alien mengatakan kepadanya, Alien adalah “Orang kecil yang menurut kita berbentuk aneh.”
    Ia mengatakan, bentuk Alien menyerupai imajinasi kita tempo dulu yakni, “Berbadan kecil dan berkepala besar serta bermata lebar.” Mengenai teknologi, orang bumi sama sekali bukan tandingan Alien, “Jika saja mereka berniat memusuhi kita, tentu sekarang ini kita sudah tamat.”
    Edgar D. Mitchell, anggota kru Apollo ke-14 AS
    Kasus Rosewell adalah realita
    Selama bertugas Apollo 14 pada 1971, Michel dan Shepard rekan instruktornya, memecahkan rekor umat manusia berjalan di atas permukaan bulan terlama, total 9 jam 17 menit.
    Mitchell mengatakan kepada pemimpin acara siaran yang terkejut, ia senantiasa berada di lingkup informasi kemiliteran, mengetahui informasi bahwa 60 tahun terakhir ini Alien pernah berulangkali berkunjung. Sedangkan peristiwa rontoknya pesawat UFO di kota Rosewell, negara bagian New Mexico pada tahun 1947 juga adalah benar.
    Pemerintah AS menutupi realita selama 60 tahun
    Bocoran yang diungkapkan oleh Mitchell, segera saja diklarifikasi oleh pihak NASA, dikatakan bahwa institusi mereka tidak mengejar UFO, juga tidak terlibat dalam segala kegiatan yang menutup-nutupi ada tidaknya makhluk luar angkasa diatas bumi ini ataupun tempat lain di alam semesta.
    Di dalam pernyataan itu disebutkan, “Doktor Mitchell adalah warga Amerika yang hebat, tetapi dalam polemik ini kami memiliki pandangan berbeda dengannya.”

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Lea and Neil at Castle Hill Inn, Part One / Newport Wedding Photographer

    Posted by Trish: Photos by Melissa and Trish

    Well, this was a long time coming and I was really looking forward to seeing Lea and Neil again, but for their own wedding! I photographed both of Neil's sisters weddings a while ago and I secretly always hoped that Lea would call me when it was their turn at the alter. So I was excited to hear from Lea when she got engaged and to get the chance to photograph this family one last time!

    Lea loves the beach and had a fabulous seaside theme going on.

    What fabulous wedding hair, it was the perfect choice!

    Gina from 2Shine gave Lea some amazing bridal make-up!

    It's always a surreal moment when the bride actually is wearing her dress, not just trying it on.

    Lea headed out to the garden for some photos before the ceremony.

    She like one of the flowers in the garden here.

    Speaking of flowers, these were awesome! by Sayles Livingston.

    She really makes a beautiful bride! See what I mean about the veil, it makes you a bride and completes the look!

    Neil went out to the garden for a few photos too, but they opted not to see each other before the wedding. Sometimes it works out just as well that way. How adorable is Neil?!

    Lea is also an avid collector of sea glass and even has a big bucket in her trunk for her beach finds. You can't go wrong with sea glass! I wish I had thought to wear my seas glass bracelet.

    This is about as Newport as it gets.

    Kids is coming down the isle is always a crap shoot. Some kids bask in the glory of all the people watching them and others freak out. We had a combo here.

    Waiting for the ladies...

    The big moment for Lea and her Dad, finally!!!

    They had a gorgeous summer day, perfect for a wedding!

    I do. Do you? So do I.

    A classic bridal pose, although totally un-posed during the ceremony.

    Off tot he garden for a few minutes alone...with the photographers and video. We like to be romantic.

    Neil is looking pretty happy here, so awesome!

    'We did it!"

    At this point the veil had blown off, but Lea was all set with it anyway, kind of long and hard to manage.

    I love that green lattice, so Castle Hill!

    More to come...

    Location: Castle Hill
    Flowers: Sayles Livingston
    Gown: Mikaella at East Greenwich Bridal
    Hair: Talya from Strandz
    Make-Up: Gina from 2Shine
    Bridesmaids necklaces: The Green Door, East Greenwich
    Cake: Scrumptions
    Videographer: Mike Picard
    Band: Nancy Paolino and the Black Tie Band

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Lisa + Jim - First Snap!

    Posted by Mariah:
    Pouring rain from morning until evening... a challenge indeed. Luckily I had a bride hell bent on outside photos, a girl after my own heart! Here's a little shot we did before the ceremony.
    Got to get those creative juices flowing on a rainy day!
    You won't want to miss the photos we did on the beach in a down pour.
    What's a few inches of precipitation anyway?

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Jillian + Kevin at Rosecliff Mansion, Part Two / Newport Wedding Photographer

    Posted by Mariah:

    After the nuptuials we headed to Rosecliff for the reception... but first a few photos before the guests arrive. Such an amazing property, can you imagine actually living here? And this was strictly a summer home for the original owner, a silver heiress!!!

    Becca was busy photographing the men while I tried to round up the girls for formals.

    The whole gang!

    Trying something new... it's fun to find new angles and try out new ideas when you've been to a venue many times. I was pretty pleased with myself for this one.


    Lovin the lavender.

    Another new angle...

    A classic per Kevin's request.

    Fun little moment.

    These guys were so fun and cooperative, J + K have terrific friends!

    Probably because they are so nice.

    The intros!

    Love this one.

    Making the bride cry (happy tears)... Check. A toast well done.

    A funky shot from Becca- fun!

    My view...

    Jillian and the girls from work...

    Broken glass? Wet floor? This guy is totally unstopable... and clueless.

    Enjoying the evening...

    The end!
    Jillian and Kevin- you are two of the sweetest people and I can see why your friends and fam love you so much. Thank you for including me in such a feel-good day, it's inspiring to be around the love!
    xoxoxo Mariah
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